A Guide to Displaying your new Metal Wall Art Panels
Luc's Hanging System

All the panels are superlightweight aircraft aluminium, weighing between only 0.5 kilos 0.75 kilos each and are really easy to arrange and fix to the wall.
  • - Every panel is pre-fitted with adjustable metal hanging tabs.
  • - There are full instructions and a marking system to take all the guesswork out of it.
  • - Beware in ordering from elsewhere that there might not be any thoughtful provision to hang the       artwork....always ask before you purchase multiple display artwork, or you could be in for a lot of frustration!

Here's what previous buyers think of the LucSharp solution:
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"Quick delivery, easy to put up and a good talking point. thanks". eBay Buyer:Member ID heaton9181

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Best Hanging Positions?
Just about anywhere really....
In the lounge, the bedroom or hall. In the bathroom, conservatory or garden; the versatility of aluminium means that you won't have to worry about weight, corrosion or dampness that can effect other forms of art. Return the shine with a buff of Mr Sheen to keep the panels looking great for years.

Any available light source will bring out the amazing dimensional effect whether daylight, evening light or dedicated spotlighting so find a great spot that might be available to all three.

Choose an area without breezes such as near windows or circulated/radiated heat and where people will not brush past. In short any area that your wall art is likely to be already positioned.

If you want the full 3d style dimensional effects then spot or track lighting above or below and at about 2-3 metres from the panels is the optimal distance.

Seeing the light!

Natural Silver Panel
When you purchase Natural Silver Panels you have the options of displaying the work in most settings. It's neutral qualities are similar to that of a mirror; picking up and reflecting all ambient and directional light as well as the colour scheme within any given setting. In the daytime it will appear brilliant when it catches the suns rays directly. In the evening a warm golden glow will give the panels a moodsetting effect. Directional spotlighting enhances the dynamic qualities of movement and dimension to the full

Natural Silver Panel with colour lighting
Simply using coloured lights to illuminate the panels will allow you to alter in any way and by whatever mood you feel appropriate simply and quickly. By using new style LED colour changing lights the ability to change the colour of the panel is so simple to achieve.

Painted Panel
When you purchase Luc's painted panels you have something that will infuse wonderfuly with your chosen colourway. Amidst matt textiles and furnishings, the vibrant reflective qualities of metal instantly provides a wonderful contrast in the room, giving a showroom ambience within that space. In general they are more expensive to produce but look and are worth every penny.

Top Tips for lighting Effects

Lights, camera, action!

Create a unique atmosphere simply by bringing your everyday lamps or other lighting near to the panels. The artwork is designed to capture and reflect all of the available light in the room. 3d effects and movement are what this new artform is all about. Indoor evening lights or even coloured spotlights will all bring out different moods from your new artwork.

By using new style LED colour changing lights (above) the ability to change the colour of the panel is so simple to achieve. In the following video two different coloured lights are used to bring out the dimensional effects.

Track lighting allows you to finely tune where you have the dimensional effects working to the rooms advantage

Metal Art Panels

Metal Art Panels