Real Photos: Real Homes

"Customer care is an important part of this business. Great care is taken to make sure that buyers are happy with their purchase from day one. That's why in return there's been a great response to the invitation to show off their new purchase as it's meant to be seen...transforming a room at home or in the office."

There's been an overwhelming response from buyers ready to let us all have a look into their homes, so it's a great honour to introduce to you our Photo Gallery.

"Once again, a very big thank you to all our customers past and present for allowing us all in for this sneaky peek at the nations living rooms, halls, bathrooms and bedrooms......and of course we've respected your privacy as requested".

Have a look around for some ideas for your own home or simply see how good this new artform is in transforming any living space....

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ringing more dimension

Amazing new sculptural forms, only available here, exclusively made by LucSharp...this is home designer art at it's most creative and accessable.

Now we're getting a little more sophisticated. This artwork is created from built up layers and constructed to capture the flowing "light lines" as they move from surface to surface.

This sculptural design consists of two 3d decorated panels placed together

The coloured images are created by the effects of shining coloured spotlights onto the panels and shows that paint is not required to bring out the best of the panels

taall Art Panels